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Hi All,

Here are my latest blood work results - I've listed the ones that were flagged as out of range first

Out of Range
RBC 4.86
MCH 25.1
MCHC 304
RDW 19.9
Platelets (immature) reticulated 8.0
Reticulocytes 32
Reticulocytes Hemoglobin content 26.3
Ferritin 7

Normal range
WBC 6.0
hemoglobin 122
hematocrit 0.4
MCV 83
Platelet count 216
Reticulocytes immature 8.9

There were also some numbers under the heading Differential but they were all within normal range.

Can anyone help me interpret these numbers? My DR said I should take iron and that my low numbers were likely due to heavy periods. I'm 49 and my periods are getting somewhat erratic. I have blood clots and somewhat heavy bleeding the 2nd and 3rd days. My periods can last up to 10 days although they're pretty light towards the end.

My hair has been falling out for years. I went to the DR a couple of times and they tested my TSH which was normal.

I have an irregular heartbeat. Went for a bunch of heart related tests. DRs said everything is fine, learn to live with it. It's particularly bad right now.

I have a whooshing in my ears that goes in time with my heartbeat.

I am exhausted.

I have a chronic low grade headache in my forehead.

I have a goiter. Went for a thyroid ultrasound. They found nodules on both sides of my thyroid. Went for a biopsy yesterday.

Am having weird stomach pains particularly in the area of my spleen. Ultrasound showed a polyp on my gallbladder (but DR said that was probably nothing) and somewhat funny looking spleen. Scheduled for a CT scan on Monday and a gastroscopy/colonoscopy following week.

I have chronic mid back pain that is extremely bad at the moment.

I've always had low blood pressure.

Took ferrous gluconate 300mg for about 3 weeks. Developed terrible bloating and constipation. Felt absolutely horrible. Have been off the iron pills for about 3 weeks now and am feeling better in my stomach but not completely well.

I'm wondering if the stomach issues could be due to the anemia or if I have something going on in my gut that is causing the anemia. I had no noticeable blood in my stool or urine.

This has all been going on for months now and I'm feeling really quite awful. My DRs are all just waiting for the results of the tests that are scheduled before doing anything further. I'm wondering if I should ask for further bloodwork and in the meantime, what I should be taking in terms of iron supplements? The ferrous gluconate was obviously horrible for me but now that I'm more aware of side effects perhaps I should try them again?

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