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I am 42 years old and I have had three children...they are all in their teens now but I first became anemic 19 years ago when my son was born due to loss of blood..for years i always thought I was still really anemic, but as time went on I just accepted it and really did nothing about it..until 5 months ago I went into E.R. for rapid heart rate and after CBC and tests it was found that my hemoglobin was 7.5..I started taking 325 mg of iron and met with my dr and as time went on I still felt like the iron wasn't during the time of my period I was really bad and went into drs and they did an ultrasound and found I had fibroids..I started going to an OB/GYN and decided to get a procedure called a novasure eblation and she increased my iron to 650 mg a day..I havent gotten the procedure scheduled yet..But they ended up doubling my iron and after alot of research I started taking Vitamin C with the Iron..I took it on an empty stomach before I ate and made sure I didn't drink coffee or pop with caffeine with it because the vitamin c helps absorb the iron ( even a glass of o.j is good if u dont want to take vitamin c pills or gummies)and caffeine makes it harder to absorb the iron..I started eating tuna and try to eat peanut butter atleast every other day..I also made myself get use to maple flavor cream of wheat because it has 50 % iron in a serving..wheat bread is better then white and I love crackers for a snack so I eat multigrain crackers..Even when I get a sweet tooth..I eat reeses peanut butter cups and even mounds has some iron in it..I came from getting blood work done today and found that with adding and taking away certain things my hemoglobin is now 11.2. I also actually changed my coffee to folgers 1/2 caf and 1/2 decaf brand!!

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