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thanks Heather,

So even if i had my bloods drawn this Friday, that would only be 7 days off the ferrous furmarate , would the reading be an accurate measure of my iron levels with no supplemental iron influence?
- i just dont want to give an inaccurate reading, saying my iron is high/good, when thats due to the 4 days of iron i took.

By the way, in recent nutrient blood tests,
[B]Zinc: 14.4 umol/l, 11-24
Copper: 10.7 umol/l, 11-20[/B]
my serum zinc (was low in the range and my serum copper was LOW just out of the healthy range,
but my calcium, magnesium & vit d3 were high in range, but i do supplement all of these with vitamins.

i've read about copper deficiency causing low red cell count/anemia
also, as a sufferer of Multiple Sclerosis, this seems to be common - re: nutrient absorption,

and i've been following a Paleo based diet for the last 7 months, so if anything my zinc and copper should be high, based on my daily chicken liver or oysters i eat, which are also good for copper too.

looking at my other results, my B12 and folate were:
Vitamin B12 - 765 pg/mL - 191 - 663 - HIGH
Serum Folate - > 20.00 ng/mL - 4.6 - 18.7 (i assume is HIGH being >20 but they must've forgot to type it)

and when i read about IRON deficiency i read also B12 and Folate deficiency is common,
so the fact my B12 and folate are high, would this suggest Iron is high too?

- now its probably too high, taking 69-138mg (69mg 1st 2days then 2x 69mg (138mg) for 2 days) of elemental iron.


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