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Thought I would update. Went to doctor in January 9th this year. Seems my thyroid was low and maybe the whole time while taking iron. After asking the NP to raise my dose she did. They only know about TSh not ft4 ft3 you see.;)

I stopped the iron in December and started feeling more energetic.

She told me my hemoglobin was 13 and told me others on the phone, storage iron, hemocrat etc. I need to get copies of it.

Still get that pulsatile tinnitus after exertion and laying down. My fingernails are a bit whitish in the middle.

I still get tired easy and have been on raised dose of thyroid hormone for a month, but takes 6 to 8 weeks to build up.

So it is hard to tell if it is from anemia or hypothyroidism.;)

So am not sure if 13 is a good hemo since it is at the bottom of the range. I think the bottom was 12.

Any ideas? ( I don't trust some docs)

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