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The best way to tell if your anemic or not is with blood tests. Your saturation is low but what is your iron serum and ferritin level? The iron serum is the amount of iron you have in your system active and the ferritin is the amount of iron that your body has stored. Yes hair loss comes with anemia, specifically a symptom of low ferritin. Did you happen to get your iron serum and ferritin levels checked? These numbers would be awesome to have when giving you advice as to which route you should take in my opinion.

Your iron might be fine but there are a lot of numbers to factor in here and even running borderline low on them can give some awful side effects. Having said that taking iron should be done under a Dr's care, overloading on Iron is a definite possibility and is something that needs to be monitored. If you can ask your GP what your iron serum/ferritin numbers were.

Most people who are anemic take quite a bit of iron everyday, it takes months to raise iron and not something you want to mess with unless your being monitored by a Dr. to make sure your not overloading.

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