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[QUOTE=cryssyd3;5107678]I'm a new member and this is my first post so please bare with me :)
I am a 28 year old WORRIED female. I went to the doctor last week to establish care with a new primary doctor ( I haven't seen one in years) She did some blood work on me and said theyd call if there was any problems. well the nurse called me a few days later saying the doctor wants me to see a hemotolgist. My lab work came back and (from what I can see) everything is within range except my platelets were high at 445 ( reference value 143-394 10E3/uL) lymphocytes slightly raised at 47 (reference value 17-46%) BUN/Creatinine ratio slightly low at 10.0 (11-19 ratio) BUT most scary is that my ferritin level came back <0.5 ( reference value 10-291 ng/mL)

I am very concerned and confused as to what this means. my iron level came back within range which confuses me even more.
I have had symptoms such as constant fatigue, irritability, headaches, dizziness, and most recently had to get my eyes checked and was giving low prescription lenses. I didn't think these symptoms were really a sign of any problem until I saw these lab results and just chalked it up to being a tired single mother of 3 rambunctious girls.
if anyone can shed some light onto what the heck is going on it'd be greatly appreciated. I see the hemotologist on Monday (Christmas eve, yay) but I'm giving myself such anxiety over this.
thank you very much![/QUOTE]

Yes it's possible to have a ferritin that low. With anemia ferritin is one of the first things that will start dropping. Low ferritin causes many many side effects, a lot of the ones you have listed. I had a couple episodes with my vision as well. Optical migraines, like my vision would actually go crazy and I would see what look liked a fan in the corner of my eye. It only lasted about 20 minutes and then I would get a major headache, I really don't know if it's related to the anemia but scary none the less! The problem with ferritin is that it takes a while to raise back up. If you are going to get iron infusions it's a bit faster of a route as the iron is going directly where it needs to be over the oral route in which is has to go through the gut etc. You iron level coming back within range can be completely normal with anemia because it's pulling from your stores (ferritin). It will be the next thing to go. Along with saturation, hemoglobin, and hematocrit.
What you are having happen is very normal for someone that is anemic. Anemia is just a symptom of a larger problem, do you have heavy bleeding? Celiac's disease? Ulcers?
Did you get to the DR. yet and what did he do?

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