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Hello,everybody!I would like to ask a few questions about my mother's iron deficiency anemia and I would appreciate any responsible help.
My mother (74) was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia about a month ago.She has had a lot of its symptoms (fatigue,sleepiness,hair falling,heavy breathing).Her blood test (4 December 2012) was as follows:
HCT:28.7 (37-47)
HGB:8.4 (12-16)
RBC:3.10 (4.2-5.4)
MCV:92.6 (80.5-98.5)
MCH:27.2 (26-34.5)
MCHC:29.3 (32-37)

PLT:160 (150-350)

RB morphology:hypochromia,anisochromia AND anisocytosis PRESENT

WBC:6.4 (4-10)

NEUT:65 (50-70)
EOS:3 (1-6)
BASOS:0 (0-1)
LEMPH:27 (20-40)

106 (2ND HOUR)

SERUM FE:16 (50-150)

She also had an ECG which was normal.

On 5th December she started having IRON POLYMALTOSE COMPLEX intramuscular injections (100 mg) and after 9 injections she had another blood test with the follwing findings:
HCT:29.4 (37-47)
HGB:10.1 (12-16)
RBC:3.10 (4.2-5.4)
MCV:94.8 (80.5-98.5)
MCH:32.6 (26-34.5)
MCHC:34.4 (32-37)

PLT:193 (150-350)

RB morphology:hypochromia,anisochromia AND anisocytosis PRESENT

WBC:6.8 (4-10)

NEUT:57 (50-70)
EOS:3 (1-6)
BASOS:0 (0-1)
LEMPH:36 (20-40)

SERUM FE:29 (50-150)

B12:194 (160-925)

She has not had any visible signs of GI issues (e.g:blood in the stool).She also had a urine test with no hemoglobin present as a finding.A pneumonologist examined her this morning as she has had "heavy breathing" issues buth the O2 saturation was normal.She is now getting a blood tested on the 28th of December after completing a second course of 10 im iron injections and the doctors say she is expected to have a hematocrit of at least 31 or else we should have her GI tested.
I would like to ask if the findings of the second blood test are satisfactory having in mind she had only had only 9 im injections.Also I would like to know if she should have her blood tested on 28 December or is it too soon.Finally,if she has to get her GI tested,how possible is it to have a malignancy (is it frequent or rare) and if she has,are there any good hopes for her.
Thanks in advance and greetings from Greece (that's why there are mistakes in the text!)

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