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Thanks Heather! I tell ya, I started to think I was just lazy or getting old. It was really hard to keep saying to people, "but I'm soooooo tired!"...I felt like they thought I was looking for excuses for things. Now I admit, I am a bit of a procrastinator anyway, so that didn't help any. But lately I just felt as if my brain was just a giant pile of mashed potatoes!

I will also say that I'm a little bit ticked off at my primary care doctor. First of all, I really don't think I should have to keep training my doctors about my needs, specifically the gastric bypass stuff. I realize they can't know everything, but simple things like the TYPE of iron supplement I should have or not to drink tea and take iron at the same time (I am a chai tea freak) or that it's more easily absorbed w/o food.

I looked at some of the labs a little more closely...I realized they had some of my prior results on the most recent form. Ok, my most recent blood work was on 12/28/12. I see that my HCT levels were low since 2/24/10! My HGB levels were considered normal but were on the low side (12.3). The part that really irked me was that the Iron, TIBC, Iron Sat and Ferritin results were from the labs I had done in OCTOBER! They didn't check them in December! Ok, I'm no doctor but with those numbers shouldn't they have been checked again? Especially since I've been taking supplements since October. Aaargh!

I have had three sleep studies in the last ten years because of severe daytime sleepiness...all with no clear result (well, the first time they said it was "anxiety"). I've been taking Adderall just to function. A few years ago I had some strange numbness in the tips of my fingers and on my shins. Went to a neurologist...nada. They said don't worry about it unless it continues and really bothers you. It seemed to just go away and hasn't been an issue since...weird.

I guess part of me is soooo relieved that I am finally getting somewhere. The other part of me is extremely angry that no one thought of this before and I have missed out on a big chunk of my own life.

Thanks for listening :)

Oh, and yep Vitamin D was low, got supplements for that too. Not sure about the B12.

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