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It looks like you were in the same boat I was in 8 months ago. Not a fun one. All your symptoms match that of someone who is anemic. It's a good thing that you are going to a hematologist, this is the fastest route for people who are anemic and should help your numbers zip up faster.
I started with a ferritin of a 2, hemoglobin around 8, and iron count of 18. I had no insurance at the time so I went the oral route. My ferritin is now at a 33. The ferritin is what is making you feel so terrible. This number rises very slowly so be prepared. There is nothing magical that is going to make this go away, it's a long road to recovery.

People become anemic for many reasons. Seems yours is from the gastric bypass which is not uncommon for people that have had this done. My anemia is hopefully from monthly cycles, I just had an ablation so we will see. I'm praying that I get a bounce back now that I'm not losing so much blood.
A couple things you may want to have checked: Your B12 and Vitamin D levels. Low vitamin B12/folate seems to go hand in hand.

Your PICA is not strange to me at all. Mine was ice. I have a few broken teeth from it. I'm not sure if it was just the crunching or what but it's seriously something I could not live with out. I was up to 6-8, 64 oz. of ice a day. That is not a lie. It was horrible. I could not imagine my life without ice and I had a few people point it out to me, I was like noooooo I just love ice. I get it 100%. I can relate to every single symptom you have, you are not alone.

I will keep you in my thoughts and hope the hematologist can shed some light for you. You are not alone!

I also got some nice depression and panic/anxiety with all this too. I do believe it's because all of our organs are starving for oxygen (brain). I wish I could find my first post, yours looks just like mine.

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