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[QUOTE=umbergbr;5111874]Hi all,
First time poster to this board. I just got back from seeing my hematoligist. He wants to do IV iron infusions. My questions are that my labs dont seem that low to warrant it. My labs are as follows:
Value REF Range
[B]Hg 12.6[/B] 14.0-18.0
[B]Hc 39.9[/B] 42.0-52.0
[B]MCV 72[/B] 80-100
[B]MCH 23[/B] 26-35

Ferritin 32.9 30.0-400 = Normal

Iron Binding Panel
[B]Iron 22[/B] 45-160
TIBC 287 228-428
UIBC 265 110-370
[B]% Sat 8 [/B] 15-50

The ferritin was normal as was the TIBC and UIBC but the others are low.
Let me know what you think. Been on Iron (Slo Fe) for a few months with no improvement.[/QUOTE]

I think you have anemia. I can't stress to you enough that even though your ferritin is showing as normal it's on the low end. That number won't shoot straight up either. Take months and months of iron therapy to build it back up. I have been on iron for 8 months and my OB informed me I still need to take it for at least another year. My ferritin started at a 2 and is now a 33...8 months of taking iron. Your iron is to low as well, that number usually goes up that fastest.
Males are less likely to get anemia then females because they don't have a lot of bleeding over time. So it's something that you may want to get checked out. What is causing your anemia? GI Issues, Ulcers, Etc. The cause needs found and fixed.
If you are given the chance for infusions I think you should do them, that is just my opinion. Your numbers are pretty low. Ferritin is always the one that jumps out at me because being low causes such bad symptoms and how long it take to raise.
So my opinion, take the infusions. You might not think you need it but someone that does this for a living does and I doubt they would be telling you, you need them unless you did. Infusions are the fastest route to getting your iron back up. You said it, you have been taking iron with no results, it's because it takes forever!
Best wishes.

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