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Ok so first thing is first, welcome! My Dr. did the same thing to me and handed me anti-depressants. Thank goodness that the labs are fast here and I knew the next day. He called and said we needed to trade the antidepressants for iron. Reason being that being low on iron can cause anxiety and depression so he wanted to treat the low iron first and see if my depression/anxiety improved. It's been a long fight.

Having said that WOW, 3.7! That is crazy low and you definitely needed the blood. I think mine was about a 8 and I was blacking out. Being anemic is kind of a big deal, so yes I agree with the other poster be glad you do have Dr's that are being proactive because there are a lot of ladies here that do complain of not having a Dr. that cares. This isn't something you want to brush off. Sometimes people do not feel the full effects of anemia but even if you aren't feeling them doesn't mean it's not serious. Iron is what helps our bodies get oxygen, cells, organs etc. It's pretttttty important!

The reason they are checking for bleeding is that is usually the cause, but sometimes it can be from other things including Celiac's disease which wouldn't hurt getting checked for either as well as low B12.

Do you have a period? Do you bleed heavily every month? If not maybe an ulcer? Gastric bypass? Anemia is just a symptom, unfortunately. I think in your future you will probably be looking at iron infusions, I don't see iron/ferritin numbers but I'm guessing you are pretty low.

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