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First off hello from a newbie!

So, I was in the hospital this weekend for a transfusion. My hemoglobin was 3.7 and my hematocrit was 15 point something. I hadn't felt "good" in months, but to be honest, I didn't feel in danger of falling out and was still working, cooking, and functioning okay, so maybe that's why it didn't feel as serious as it was. They kept pressing me at the hospital that I was really, really sick and my body had just adjusted. So I got 3 bags of blood and a bag of iron and was able to get out of there. And I can't lie, I feel great. I keep looking at my palms because I can't remember them ever being so pink unless I've burned myself. Also, I was only released yesterday and my nails (which were peeling in sheets) are already starting to heal. I am truly amazed.

However, they were pretty alarmist and have scared the crap out of me. One doctor said it's not a question of if I'm bleeding but where. So now I'm freaking out at the mere thought that I'm randomly bleeding from somewhere. They ruled out kidneys and bleeding from the brain (whew!), but I haven't gotten any of my other test results.

So my questions are 1. Is it really as bad as they say? and 2. If so, does anyone know around how long it is probably going to take to get some sort of answers as to where I'm bleeding from?

Maybe I'm being impatient, but I hate not knowing.
I understand about your not knowing your hemoglobin was so low. I was doing everything, working, shopping and traveling. On May 1st 2013 I went to dr. I was losing wait without trying. He sent me to hospital and they admitted me with 3.3 hemoglobin. I had no clue, it had taken me longer to get dressed that morning, but that's it. I got 4 units of blood went up to a 7.9 and was released from hospital. I knew I had to go to a
Hemotolgist, I am very fortunate to live in a town with a research hospital, for cancers. I felt good during my appointment then my blood came back 5.5 was admitted right away . First they gave me cat scan, ( little did I know they were checking for serious cancers...negative )so I got more blood like 4 more units. They a bone marrow test, ( which honestly if you ask for strong pain meds isn't so bad. ) Then came the waiting for results the stress is amazing. The results were negative. So I left the hospital, at 10 hemoglobin. I went for blood tests and was up to 11.5. I made reservation to travel to my vacation home with kids for Labor Day yeah!!, Boom I was back to 9.5 terrified and all the kids went I stay at home terrified so it was down hill from there. I had been on 60 mg prednisone apparently not working. To me the scary part is I don't have a clue if my hemoglobin is dropping. The only indication is when I get blood test results. since May 1st my life as an independent person has disappeared. The stress waiting for results is awful.
My doctor who is amazing ( thank god I don't have second guess him) had put me on rituxan, 4 infusions 1 each week for 4 weeks. Had my first one on Wednesday, it went well but I won't know anything until next Tuesday when I have an appointment with dr.
My life is so out of my control since May 1st . How could this happen, why did this happen and will it be cured or just put into remission. I could a accept a lengthy remission. I get scared at times, but keep working, gardening, going to concerts however the thought of my new disease doesn't leave me. So, next week should I plan to travel after seeing the doctor or what will he tell me ...the airlines must love my cancelled tickets fee and more importantly what if the rituxan doesn't work......this sucks!!!!!

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