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First of all welcome back to the boards. Second yay that you have a Dr. that is doing his/her job! Is having anemia dangerous? If left untreated yes, but it sounds like you are on the right track to taking care of your problems. My ferritin was a 2 and some people here don't even have numbers that register. I would say within a few infusions you should be back to normal levels but that all just depends on you and how well the iron is taking. You are very lucky to be getting infusions they are the fastest way to build iron back up. I have never had an infusion but I read a lot here and most ladies seem to report feeling better within a weekish, but again that just depends on you. The iron is going right into your blood, right where it needs to be.

Anemia and low iron is a symptom of a larger problem but it could be a simple fix, where your not bleeding that can be ruled out but there are a few others you may want to have them looking into. B12 levels, need to be checked having low b12 can cause anemia. Celiac's disease, which is gluten intolerance and nutritional caused anemia, easy fix as well and all in a diet change. Anemia can cause an array of symptoms including anxiety/depression so I am glad you have something to take care of that. Hang in there and be glad that you have a great Dr. in your court. A lot of ladies here have Dr's who just brush this off as not a big deal.

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