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[QUOTE=angel2062;5118375]hi everyone, I'm new to the boards. I was wondering how low should ferritin be to have symptoms? I have battled low ferritin for 5 yrs. In 2007 i had to have iron shots as my ferritin was 7 but my hemaglobin was ok, my ferritin only got up to 58 so i thought i was ok. No doctor told me what it should be. I recently got bloodwork and my ferritin is at 16 and my hemaglobin at 142 so the doctor said it's not that causing your symptoms, but from what i'm reading here i beg to differ. I am extremly tired but can't sleep, cold, restless legs,feel like i'm on a boat at times,weak legs,extremly tight neck/shoulder muscles that is not relieved by massage. The ranges for ferritin on lab results are 6-136 and i'm at 16 so could this cause my symptoms? getting pretty upset with these doctors. please help!:confused:[/QUOTE]

Most people don't even report feeling better till their ferritin reaches 50-70 ish. I disagree with your Dr. and believe ferritin can be the cause of your symptoms only because I am in the same boat and have experienced it first hand. I have a pretty good Dr. who won't even get rid of the anemia diagnosis until my ferritin numbers get up there, and he has first hand told me having low ferritin can cause symptoms like the ones you have listed (I have had them too). Have you found the cause of your anemia? There is a reason this is happening and that needs to be found and treated or you will continue to battle with this. Also have you had your b12 checked? It might not hurt to have that checked out as well as Vitamin D. I'm not sure what the medical system is like in Canada but is there anyway for you to get a second opinion?

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