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[QUOTE=kiwidinok;5120397]I have been having trouble for a while and doctors have not been to helpful. My counts have been steadily going down. My cycles were never heavy and no more than 3 days max. In August of last year I had a 21 day cycle, then in Sept one that last 30 days. In Oct I had one that was 28 days. My gyn did an ablation in Nov 2012 and I have not had a period since. I was on 325 mg of iron for over six months prior to the ablation and took iron supplements for over a full year in addition to that. My pcp had me stop the 325 mg the middle of Dec and said I should no longer need it and to just eat a bowl of fortified cereal.

I have moved and am seeing another PCP he ran an extensive panel. My ferritin serum is a 5 and my HB is a 9. In Nov. my HB was a 10.3 and my Ferritin was an 11. According to both my gyn and my prior pcp my counts should not have gone down after the ablation.

I have recently started loosing my hair and am sooo exhausted. This new primary care wants me to have a spinal tap. I tested very high on my CRP and ESR for inflammation. I have been running low grade fevers in the evening, having horrible night sweats (that my gyn says is not related to hormones)and a dry cough for over six months. My question is: with the recent drop in my ferritin serum should I insist on getting a referral to a hematologist? Your thoughts are much appreciated. I really feel like crap and have no energy at all!

Thanks in advance,

I think it's amazing how different Dr's can be on this situation. I started feeling sick 8 months ago and found out I had anemia, my ferritin was a 2 believe my iron was a 18. Hemoglobin/Crit both really low. I have had heavy flows my whole life. I guess it's just something that caught up to me.

I had an ablation December 10, 2013 and have not have a period for 2 months. My last check my ferritin was a 33 prior to ablation, that is after taking iron for 8 months and continuing to have heavy flows. My OB says even with a ferritin of 33, normal hemoglobin/crit I can plan on taking iron for [U]another year[/U] to get my numbers (specifically ferritin) back up where it needs to be.

Your ferritin is much to low and this number takes months and months to raise. I can't imagine doing it without iron, it's a long hard road even while taking iron. A bowl of cereal is not going to help you, sorry. I would definitely seek the advice of a hematologist if I were in your shoes. Most people don't report feeling well until ferritin reaches the 50's even 70's and this number takes months to go up.

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