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Hey Heather!

I forgot about the visual disturbances which I feel like I am queen of, too. In the past I have had flashers, and floaters (sing this to the tune of the beginning of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, hahah), and black spots, and blobs, blurred vision from my dry eye, blepharitis (a dandruff of the eyelashes which can make your ducts infected), and now I am having focusing problems. My eye doc says that my glasses script was too strong so he lessened it but I'm still getting bleary eyed and sometimes when I look at things up close for a while (ipad, computer, crochet etc.) and look up, I can't see f all for a minute. My eyes can't focus. I can't wear makeup as it makes my eyes get bleary, too. I have had lots of ocular migraines in the past as well. (Seen opthamologist etc. and they don't see anything wrong beyond simple stuff like the dry eye.)

Last night I was laying down to sleep and felt a little chest tightness sensation and I'm totally freaked out because I really don't ever feel that unless I have been exerting myself. Maybe it was an esophageal spasm (they feel a little the same -- you get this feeling like your chest is tightening while your throat is closing up or tensing, then it relaxes and goes away. I get it when I eat, usually, but I seem to be getting it more when not eating now as well. Usually it would happen first or second swallow of food.)

So now I'm in a bad dither over it, thinking it's my heart and that I'll die here all alone (hubby is at work and I work at home on the computer.)

Hubby got me some molasses but it's "Grandma's" so I don't know if it's unsulphered. I have to check. It didn't smell nice haha.

Does drinking water help anything at all? I think I'm dehydrated (esp from the 2 weeks not eating/drinking much) but I don't know if water helps any of these symptoms.

I woke up today and first thing on my mind is of course, the chest tighteyness I felt last night which only lasted a couple of it's gonna plague me all day.

I also have this terrible habit of swallowing air and forcing myself to burp it up which of course also brings up acid which is probably how I got my GERD in the first place and I do it when I'm nervous which is almost all the time. (My GERD was dx'd by a pulmonologist who said I was wheezing due to acid in my lungs. Gastro doc confirmed with barium swallow.)

I have been to soooo many doctors it's CRAZYZYZYZYZY. I still don't feel better, though.

If a lot of my problems are due to anemia, then I can't expect that I WILL feel better because I haven't been taking care of that at all. And then when my docs kind of look at 15 and say yay you're at 15, no need for iron, I will never have a chance to get there and see if I can get higher or feel better. I feel like a SLUG. I never want to move, I'm always slow, tired, fatigued and something hurts and I can't breathe.

I must have been grinding my teeth in my sleep because under my tongue hurts a touch with like, nerve spasms or something under there. Oh wait, i'm grinding my teeth RIGHT NOW. hahah , I do so many things without even realizing. Then I think all the pains are from my heart.

I wish I had a friend who understood all this stuff. I think people just get aggravated and annoyed with me and I have to learn not to talk about my body no matter how bad I feel.

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