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One day about 4 months ago I was standing in my kitchen (no fans) and I saw fan blades spinning in my outter vision, my vision was flashing in the corners. Full on panic took me over. I walked around my house in a daze. The blades started spinning closer to the center of my eyes, nothing but flash flash flash for about a half hour. After the flashing went away I got one of the worst headaches of my life and everything just seemed faded out. A few weeks later it happened again. I ended up going to the eye Dr. and he reassured me that there wasn't a lot of pressure behind my eyes and it was just an ocular migraine. I see dots all the time! Sometimes blue, sometimes black, then the ever so wonderful sparkly white ones.

On to the anemia thing, you need to be all over this now that the Dr. has said you need to take iron! Now is your chance, while taking iron labs are something the Dr. needs to be checking a little more often. If you hemoglobin and hematocrit haven't taken a complete dive and are up there the iron will take a little faster, so my Dr. tells me. Take the iron faithfully, give it a while because it does take a while to get where it needs to be and start working. Eat your leafy greens, meat, cook in cast iron, take your iron with a glass of OJ the vitamin C helps it absorb and lets not forget the lovely molasses (gag).
Ferritin seems to be one of the first things that starts to go down with anemia, then iron serum, saturation, hemoglobin, crit. this and stick with it.

Baby steps as far as the walking goes. I had a hard time climbing stairs let alone walking around the block. Do as much as you feel comfortable with and don't walk so far that it's going to be hard for you to get back. I know exactly what you are talking about. You have good Dr's in your corner from the sounds of it. I stayed in bed for 3 months, there was no way I had the energy to walk. My thoughts are maybe take the iron for a couple weeks and see if you feel up to it and just walk a little bit at a time.

I always had the feeling of stomach fullness my Dr. wanted me to drink tons of water, but my stomach was just always to full and I had no appetite. Water will just keep you hydrated which is of course good for us anyways. I'm sure I could lose 40 lbs. if I ditched the soda for water, lol.

Iron deficiency can cause tongue pain. My tongue used to hurt so bad all the time but I always blamed it on the eating to much ice. My jaw used to stay clenched all the time and was so tense I would get extreme pain in my face just from holding my jaw tight.

Moral of my story, take the iron for a couple weeks see if you feel better then try walking. Don't overdue it, your anemic it's ok if you get tired and it's normal to have chest issues. Your heart needs oxygen to pump, lack of oxygen makes it work harder. Even a little bit of bleeding overtime can cause anemia.

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