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Iron Ache over
Feb 2, 2013
:wave:Hi fellow anemia'ites
I am new here and decided to join to share my IV iron experience yesterday.
I was a littte taken back at being in the Chemo lab at my local cancer center. I dont know if it was the bendaryl:yawn: or what but I was tearing alot and started to feel very stupid at my own self pity. I got a lot better when I noticed the lady in the chair next to me getting her Chemo and laughing and talking with the nurses:( Anywho I was given InFED and it was causing alot of aches. The transfusion overall was better than the night I had last night. I was up all night with achy pains mostly in legs and upperbody. The PROS : I CAN SEE!! lol well my vision started to get blury, I felt like I was 95 instead of 35, all of that good anemia crap. I did feel slightly better yesterday even with the aches. My hgb is 9 my ferritin is 3 and I have before been a 6 and 1 (this was in 2003 and ended up with Blood transfusion)
so I have always taken iron pills since teenage years. Doctors always brushed me off you know the deal.Well I would like to know the cause stat! Tired of being tired, evil, pale as a ghost and using an inhaler to climb up the stairs. when my Hemo asked about my shortness of breath (SOB) haha! I said yeah I have those alot and my sob is so bad I'm in waiting rooms tempted to ask someone with an O2 tank for just a quick little hit or knocking them over the head and taking it. jk;) Seriously my anemia was worse this time with my levels a little higher so bad my 9 year old's teacher asked my sister who works at the school was everything ok at home. His behaviour had changed, normally too talkative he had gotten reserved distant in class, also grades had fell slightly. I'm very happy that she went to my family because then I think it made me and them take this thing more seriously. (when the teacher asked him was he feeling bad he said No but my Nana just was sick and now my mom is and she does not get out of bed much she never cooks like she used to he told her we have been eating alot of pizza and chicken nuggets or microwave stuff) He was depressed by my moms recent heart attack and I was not leaving the house barely able to walk to the bathroom. I remember crawling in my boys room to turn on the light to wake them for school. My son seen me and said Mommy why are you crawling like spiderman? lol He did not know it but that was the only way I could wake them my joints were aching so bad. Anemia can make you feel like your near death and be very scary. Ok you guys get better and the anemia'ites going in for infusions stock up on your pain relievers for after and warm blankets. But for me the sun was shining so much brighter and hopefully it will for you. (on to my quest to find the cause of my bloodloss)

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