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Just an update:
May 2011 (Hgb - 10.5, Hct-35, Serum iron - 4.2, Ferritin - 4)
Aug 2011 (Hgb - 12.6)
Dec 2011 (Hgb - 12.9, Iron - 9)
Jun 2012 ( routine checkup by different dr)
Hgb - 11.5, Hct-35, Iron - 15

Dec 2012 (Hgb - 10, Hct-33, Iron - 4.2)

Was on iron supplement since early May 2011 till End Of March 2012. Felt much much better during till mid 2012. Can't tolerate cold, feeling tired all the time. Getting worst around November (dizzy on & off). Went back to regular dr in December & had some blood work. Was told iron too low with moderate anemia plus mild leucopenia. Prescribed iron supplement & to check hgb in 3 months time.

No wonder many of you said that it is not easy to raise the iron. It just drop back to square one after stopping the iron supplement for less than a year! Have not check my ferritin but guess it may not increase since the serum iron is still low. Why is it so hard to maintain the normal level of iron in our body?

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