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This Healthboard has been so helpful to me. I've not visited the Anemia board in years and I'm glad to see that there is so much good information. I've had problems with "anemia" for many years. About 5 years ago (maybe longer) my H&H (hematocrit and hemogloban) were really low. I was sent to a hematologist who put me on Procrit to help me make more red blood cells. At that time the doc said that my red blood cells were immature and that my bone marrow wasn't making enough of them. At that time my hemogloban was right around 10.0 and my hematacrit was around 30. The Procrit helped and my values went up. But I was not put on iron because it was thought at that time that iron wouldn't help the type of anemia I had. Fast forward until this past year. I have developed some really bad symptoms including: inability to get enough oxygen (I have COPD and I'm on oxygen 24/7 which has always helped me). The oxygen I take 24/7 is no longer helping and I can't get a breath. I am chewing ice like there's no tomorrow and have cracked several teeth that cost plenty to fix. But, I just can't stop chewing it! It has to be a certain kind, certain texture, etc. It's crazy and driving my husband up the wall with the crunching noise. I have developed floaters in front of my eyes. They are like little black spots that are irregularly shaped. They enter my field of vision and float around then disappear. I am so exhausted that I don't even get out of my pajamas. I've been in a wheelchair for several years due to 12 spinal surgeries (osteoporosis) and ongoing issues with fractures. I used to have a bit more energy than I have now, but it's never been this bad. My family medicine doc drew some initial blood work and these were the results that prompted him to send me to the Hemotologist: RBC 3.45 (L), Hemoglobin 8.2 (L), Hematocrit 26.6 (L), MCV 77 (L), MCH 24.1 (L), MCHC 31 (L) RDW 16.7 (H). I went back to the hematologist and she drew about 12 vials of blood and she's checking for Feratin and who knows what else. I won't get the results until I have my follow-up appointment with her next week.

In the meantime I feel so sick and so tired. I have aches and pains that are worse than normal and I also have bruising in places where I can't remember bumping myself. I also have itching and little red pin-point spots on my hands and arms.

Does anybody have any idea what I will be advised to do? What else could the doc look for in all those vials besides anemia?

Any response will be much appreciated! Thanks!

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