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I recently had a hemorrhage while giving birth which was completely unexpected. The only medical kind of trouble I had during birth was low energy and found out I was anemic. (ps, I took iron supplements and got into the low area of the normal range before giving birth, luckily).

Anyways, I want to figure out why I hemorrhaged (any health issues being overlooked) and went to have my blood tested for iron levels and any clotting issues. My doc said the results came back 'fine', but when I requested a copy, they did [I]not[/I] look fine to me.

But what do I know, I'm not a doctor!

Could I get the advise from some of you here on what you think of these numbers:

wbc - 7.5
rbc - 4.16 (low) (range 4.2-5.5) m/uL
hgb 11.7 (low) (range 12-16) g/dL
HCT 38.7
MCV 93
MCH 28.1
MCHC 30.2 (low) (range 32-36) g/dL
RDW 13.7
PLT 282
MPV 11.6 (high) (range 7.4-10.4) IL

I'm a novice to all this. Did a google search and came to the conclusion that this could mean: bleed easily, low iron, autoimmune/inflammation, etc. and that High platelet volume is usually the result of infection, anemia, blood loss, cancer and arthritis/inflammatory diseases or luekemia, mycoplasmas, cirrhosis, lymphoma etc. That's all I came up with.

ALL I want to know is if I have a blood disorder and/or clotting issue..?? I've dealt with too many incompetent doctors in the past so I am very skeptical of her saying I'm 'fine'.

Don't these numbers mean something is a little off in my blood??

Thank you for any thoughts, opinions, etc. I've given up on doctors and have no insurance now for the time being so finding a 'good one' is not an option at the moment.

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