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There are lots of reasons that women can hemmorrhage during/after birth. I don't know what yours was, but usually it has nothing to do with an underlying medical problem, and the cause of the hemmorrhage is usually resolved soon after the birth. (some reasons for hemmorrhage can include prolonged labor, labor induced with medications, large baby, etc etc) Your RBC and hgb are just a bit low, but that is probably to be expected after your hemmorrhage, and that is probably why your doctor is not concerned about it. As long as you are not actively bleeding, your numbers will probably go back up to normal range before too long. If you are concerned, ask your doc for a follow up blood test to see if your counts are coming back to normal.
As for the MPV being elevated- I am not sure about that, but since elevated MPV can be related to anemia and blood loss, and you are borderline anemic with a recent hemmorrhage, I would guess that is the most likely reason. Especially since your platelet count is normal. The other thing that comes to my mind is, I know MPV can become elevated with pre-eclampsia, which some women develop when they are pregnant. I do not know if you had this or not, but if you did, perhaps this could be related. I am a nurse, not a doctor, so these are just my thoughts based on what I know :)..why not give your doc a call and ask her to explain the specific results to you? It is her job to keep you informed and explain things to you, and if it gives you peace of mind it is worth it. Besides, it never hurts to have the doc take a second look at things anyway :)

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