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Here is my story,

I had gastric bypass in dec 04. Never had any issues. The occasional pica did occur throughout and I didnt understand why. After visiting with my PCP and getting extensive blood work done, it was determined that I was extremely anemic. My iron levels with stay around 9-10 and B12. Not too bad. So, I was prescribed oral Iron and had to receive monthly B12 shots. Needless to say, didnt work. Knowing my history of gastric bypass and my increasingly dangerous issue of pica, I was referred to a Hematologist. After more extensive blood work, it was determined I had low vitamin B, B12 and iron. Not sure of the correct corresponding medical terms associated with my numbers but I believe my ferratin number was a 3, iron level an 8, and B12 level a 60. I was told I had to do 6-8 weeks of IV iron to help maintain my levels. During this time, I was so exhausted I couldnt walk 3 feet without being completely drained of all energy and collaspe. Certain days I was unable to lift my head from my pillow.

After the first go around of IV iron, which took about 3 hours, I felt as if I had been hit by a car. I told the doctor. He explained it to be normal. The same occurred for the next 2 visits until I could no longer manage the pain I felt after receiving the IV and was rushed to the ER with having an allergic reaction to the iron. Now after almost dying, I am unable to receive any of the IV iron medications.

I am at a crossroads now and going to see another doctor to try to see what my options are to maintain my levels. I have been told the ony other 2 options are transfusions or controlling iron intake by diet.

My question is, is there anyone else that has received the IV iron and had issues with it? and what has your doctor recommended your next step be? and if you have taken that step what was your outcome? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

I had RNY in 2005. I've have suffered through occasional bouts of anemia and low iron and B-12. I'm currently battling the iron deficiency. My hmg is 10 and ferritin is 7. Several years ago my ferritin dropped to 3 and I had the IV infusions. I'm happy to say I had no side effects from it. I had one weekly for 8 weeks. I recently saw my hematologist and she put me on liquid iron prescription (Ferrous Sulfate 220 mg a tsp q d with Vitamin C). She also told me to eat red meat. There are lots of things with iron but she said the body absorbed the iron from the red meat best. If it doesn't in improve in two months I have to have six weeks of IV infusions again. It seems it's going to be an on-going battle due to the malabsorption. However, once I get it up this time it will be my life ambition to keep it up!

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