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My girlfriend has had problems all her life with her iron levels. She's 32. The past five years she's had a lot of health issues, a lot of them common with iron deficiency. Doctors were never able to pin her troubles down to one thing, but she was on a thyroid medication until recently. She is Vegan, and has been gluten free, sugar free for the past few years. One thing that helped her off the thyroid medication is various detoxes and herbs from famous herb doc, Dr. Schulze. She has done numerous detoxes from his site, including a 40 day juicing program (consuming nothing but veggie & fruit juices). She's starting another one for lent. She still exhibits symptoms of fatigue (often she'll sleep 10 hours a night and still get run down easy), she has trouble keeping warm - often sleeps with shirts, sweaters long pants, 2 pairs of socks, 2 blankets (in 79 degree weather) and she has experienced loss of hair and trouble with moods & weakness. She's been on an iron supplement than turns her teeth orange, so she's stopping that. She tried black molasses, but that gives her trouble with her sugar craving issues. Nothing seems to be able to get her energy levels back to normal. She swears by this Dr. Schulze and he suggest drinking 12 oz of carrot juice/2 oz of beets/2oz of beet greens a day. That's what we're opting to try now. Although I've heard the iron from veggies doesn't always absorb well, and you should take it with Vitamin C.

I really want to help her get better, is there anyone that has suggestions for her type of diet and strict adherance to natural medicine? I hate seeing her like this.


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