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I had the pulatile tinnitus with low iron, pale fingernails, pale skin. Now after being on iron for 18 days 150mg to 200mg(elemental iron), feel the same as before starting iron. With pulsatile tinnitus and tiredness. Accept I do not have all the paleness. Also have low thyroid so. Just the same thing over again.

Was feeling great about a week ago then bam it hit me. Anyway I am off all iron for bloodtests Monday.
I have very bad ear infection Go figure!!! Having whitecoat hypertension is complicating things a bit, and pointing out to NP that she missed seeing my low iron, saturation and ferritin.

Instead of having me check my BP at home and writing it down. She wants me to come in Friday and have it checked at the office. I think that sounds like a payback.LOL Ain't gonna happen.

Going to find and endocrinologist for thyroid and hematologist for iron.

Got my bloodrawn for a bunch of stuff and think she is waiting for me to come in get BP tested and then show me results.Ain't gonna happen.

Sorry just babbling here while pulling out the hair.LOL
Thank you LadyBud that sounds like a great idea and am sticking to it.LOL After a few weeks after taking high dose iron it seems to suppress my thyroid a bit and needs to be reduced. Think that is normal isn't it? Well only if you have a low thyroid I guess.

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