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Re: Symptoms ?
Mar 13, 2013
[QUOTE=Cymrygirl;5140897]Since your iron was slightly low, it might not hurt to ask for a anemia panel. My doctor ordered one for me after my iron was discovered to be low, and it was found that my B-12 was low as well. My iron and B-12 were extremely low. I can't remember right now which is which, but one was 5 out of a possible 75, and the other was 200 out of 1000, so they were VERY low. I now take a B-12 shot once a month and 325 mg. of iron 3X a day. I also have autoimmune hypothyroid and take Synthroid for that as well.

I still come home from work some days (teaching Pre-K) tired/exhausted and achy all over, like a muscular ache. Headaches are less frequent and less severe, though. If I'm tired and achy, I take a hot bath, take a pain reliever, and go to bed early. Sometimes my body just needs that. I still sometimes have achy tongue (yes, your tongue can actually hurt with anemia), and my hair is nowhere near what it used to be (a symptom of both anemia and thyroid problems), but it takes time to get iron and B-12 levels back up. If you're still having your period, that can be a major source of iron loss as you lose blood over several days. That can be a time of exhaustion and irritation anyway, believe me, I know![/QUOTE]

You mentioned that your tongue can ache with anemia ? Is it more like a burning feeling ? I have a burning tongue with some white coating. My ferritin level is 8.

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