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Re: Recent tests
Mar 11, 2013
[QUOTE=Lady50;5144986]I was on high dose elemental iron ferrous fumarate for 18 days, then began to feel bad. So I knew my intake of iron was a bit much.

Am thinking I can go with a smaller dose of 50 to 75mg of elemental iron because it is causing havoc up on my thyroid, and suppressing my T3.

Do you think 50mg of elemental iron would be okay? Please help because my NP is clueless.

These are my results below. My Ft4 is great but T3 is on the low side. If not on enough iron T4 does not convert to T3 and if on too much the same thing happens.

TSH 1.96 range 0.40-4.50
Ft4 1.5 range 0.8-1.8
Total T3 88 range 76-181 ng/dl

Iron and Total binding Capacity & saturation

Total iron 68 range 40-160
Iron binding capacity 367 range 250-450
saturation 19 range 15-50
ferritin 46 range 10-232[/QUOTE]

Hey there. I think you should be perfectly fine taking that amount of iron daily for a while. Last check my ferritin was a 30 and my ob told me to plan on taking iron for another year, so I don't see it being a problem. Ferritin takes forever to raise so I wouldn't anticipate a problem.

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