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Thanks for sharing, I had my 1st 8 week treatment of ferrlicet 18 months ago (my numbers were the same as yours), I am 48 going on 49. I had an allergic reaction to every dose of the ferllicet (hand swelling ,leg swelling, chest pain etc) but they just gave me benedryl to get through it. My iron numbers went up alot and then within about 9 months ,back down again. I tried to get them up myself by juicing spinach and high iron drinks, excersising more, eating more red meat but nothing helped. Dr. finally told me I needed another infusion. I did it yesterday, this time iron dexstran , 1 day 5 hours. They filled me with benedryl, steriods etc... I had an initial flushing reaction to the trial size , they waited another hour and I was able to take the rest. My chest was paining me throughout however, I have an iron intolerance (nothing by mouth ) and even the IV iron my body doesn't like. So my esophosgus starts building up eocinphils (allergens) while the iron is going in and the more they multiply the more it hurts. By the time I went to bed last night it was awful, it does help sleeping straight up. HOwever, they had me on so many steroids I couldn't sleep! Today I feel weak and tired,(my chest pain is much better) which I didn't have with the ferlicet and I read today it takes about 3 weeks for the new iron to get working in my system...hoping menopause is around the corner.

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