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Ferritin level of 8
Mar 13, 2013
Recently I went in to see my doctor for acid reflux and fatigue issues. She decided to check my haemoglobin and iron, just as a part of routine test since it was tested last year. My haemoglobin was 12.3 (range 12.0 - 16.0) and ferritin level of 8 (range 10 - 120). I see my Haemoglobin is on the margin and really low ferritin. My doctor doesn't seem too concerned though. She has asked me to take a women's multivitamin with iron and just iron rich food. Is that enough for someone with such a low ferritin ?

I have been having extreme fatigue, sleeping almost 10 hours in a day and yet waking up tired. Trouble focusing and brain fog. I recently lost my dad and thought it was the emotional stress causing it. My haemoglobin about a year ago was 15.0. I wasn't checked for Ferritin level but was checked for Iron, TIBC and Iron saturation -
IRON - 156 (37-170)
TIBC - 413 (240-430)
% SATURATION - 38 (15-50 %)

At that point I was taking a multivitamin with Iron but left it since the Iron looked normal in the higher range. What are the reasons for someone's Iron levels to fall down so much in a year ? I wouldn't think emotional stress could cause it ? I don't have very heavy periods.

I forgot to mention that I am a vegetarian and don't eat meat.

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