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Since your MCV is on low end, that would fit with iron deficiency. It would be high in B12and folate defiency, but since some people can have both, I would keep doing what you are with supplements. You have a relatively low lymphocyte count also, and I think a test for lupus would be reasonable, as well as considering any possible infection in your system causing your high WBC and neutrophils. The best way to tell if you are losing blood thru GI tract from the aspirin, are 3 stool checks for hidden bleeding. You can do these at home and drop off at Dr office. If you can do without the aspirin that may help, but discuss all this with your Dr first of course. A ferritin level will tell you your stored iron level in liver. You might review the signs and symptoms of lupus on the lupus board sticky notes, and see if any symptoms fit. Also, think about any possible infection symptoms and tell your Dr. I would look at your blood count from 2011 and see what the WBC, neutrophils and lymphocytes looked like then for comparison.

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