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I have looked everywhere for an explanation and can't seem to find answers that make sense. I have been told I was anemic all of my life. Four years ago, I went to my PCP because I was exhausted all of the time and felt like my brain was in a fog. She told me that I was anemic with very low ferritin levels but my CBC looked ok (low end of normal). I went through the standard battery of tests including colonoscopy, upper GI scope and capsule endoscopy. They all came back fine. My dr put me on iron and blood builders (from health food store). By the way, I have pernicious anemia but I've known that for 10 years and am on regular B-12 shots. I really didn't get much relief from the iron pills but I learned to live with feeling terrible. Fast forward a couple of years (June 2011) and I am feeling terrible again not to mention I was diagnosed with Stage 1A cervical cancer. While seeing my gyno oncologist, he suggested that I see a Hematologist in the same practice because my ferritin was now 4. He started me on Dextrose infusions therapy for 6 weeks to build up my iron to prepare for my hysterectomy (Dec, 2011). My number got up to a whopping 42 so we thought things were going in the right direction and I wasn't going to have a monthly cycle anymore so that was a plus although I was never heavy. After going through all of the post-op follow up and getting a clean bill of health from my gyno, I went on with life. I went in to my PCP in Sept. 2012 for my annual checkup and my ferritin was back down to 15. I had lost some weight so I was feeling ok but still wasn't full of energy. I was still taking iron supplements so I didn't worry much about it. Now, after feeling like crap for a couple of months, I went back into my hematologist and he said my ferritin is now down to 3 so we are starting infusion again but with Venofer. What I am so confused and upset about is why no one can tell me why I can't store iron so that I can address THAT problem instead of always slapping a band-aid on the iron issue. Is there anyone that doesn't have a bleeding issue or Celiac that has been told what causes their consistently low ferritin levels? Please share what you did to find out and how you are getting it treated. THANKS!

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