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I did a search on this board for the word hemosiderin and got no hits!

So 10 days ago I had a total dose 6 hour iron infusion.

My levels were:
Hemoglobin - 7.5
Hematocrit - 23%
Total iron - 11
Iron saturation - 2%
Ferritin - 6

Day before yesterday I had an MRI of my lumbar spine due to my back pain coming back. I had back surgery in August 2011 to repair a ruptured disc at L5-S1.

I received the report of my MRI today and there was something I hadn't seen before so I started researching it.
It says...
Punctate foci with decreased signal with blooming artifact in the posterior subcutaneous tissues at L5 is believed to represent hemosiderin deposits secondary to the patients prior surgery.

Hemosiderin is an iron storage complex found in cells as opposed to circulating in blood. It is typically associated with iron overload or hemorrhaging.

I'm wondering if having such large dose of iron at one time could have caused this or whether this might be the real source of my anemia?

I think I will call my hematologist tomorrow and ask about this.

Has anyone ever heard of this before ?

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