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Heatherx5 has given you good advice to get more labs and in particular Ferritin levels.

I am writing because I to am an athlete and have been working out hard and training for the past 2 years. I initially lost 30lbs and felt amazing. All was well for the first 10 months, but slowly beyond that I have lost endurance, stamina, gained weight, became very tired, dizzy etc... The weight gain is what puzzled me most because it doesn't match Anemia, or at least I thought.....I was looking more at being Hypothyroid but all my levels for that came back normal. TSH, Free T4 and T3 and TPOab

I had my iron tested last year and this year and both hemoglobin and iron levels were normal, but my ferritin levels were 3 last year and 6 this year despite raising my overall iron from 52 to 122 from last year to this year.. I feel the most horrible that I have ever felt which prompted me to be my own advocate and research for myself because my Dr. told me to take iron, but didn't even give me a brand,dose etc. She never even tried to address why my ferritin was consecutively low for 2 years and tried to pass my other symptoms off as depression or a sleep disorder????. I probably should have been hospitalized after a recent blood draw for tests as I was in bed for 2 days lethargic, dizzy and completely out of it.

Anyhow, google Optimal ferritin levels athlete and you will read a slew of runners who get low ferritin with regular levels. It is caused by excessive training and there is also a type of anemia called foot strike or heel strike anemia which is caused by the impact of jumping in aerobic activity or running in a runner. We also excrete iron in our sweat. Also, google anemia and insulin resistance. I came across that as a symptom and it does explain my weight gain, because I have been complaining for a year now with the degree of exercise I do(weight lifting and cardio training in combo with a rigid fitness competitor diet) I should not have the Body Fat % I do or the increase in weight. When I read the articles tied to insulin resistance and anemia is specifically mentions that visceral fat plays a role in the insulin resistance anemia. Maybe it is our bodies way of holding on for dear life since there is not enough iron to function properly.

I hope this helps you. I am just starting iron orally and have decided to take a form of Heme Iron because it is suppose to be absorbed easier and suppose to be easier on the stomach. I am also following up with a visit to an Endocrinologist just to be sure that it isnt a thyroid issue since that runs in my family and I am hoping she can shed light on the insulin issue since she deals with that through diabetes. Best of luck to you and hope you feel better.

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