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Man, I am so nervous about constipation. I am taking SO MUCH iron that I know it's going to cause a problem as I already have to make sure I eat a lot of fiber. So I bought some magnesium citrate (liquid stuff that tastes like sprite) -- I will drink some every day I guess. I also take magnesium though too- high potency. I just take it because of leg cramps in the evenings and at night.
So we'll see....
My Red blood cell count is 3.61
My hemoglobin is 11.1
My Hematocrit is 33.3

And my ferritin is 9

So.. I don't know if that qualifies for 325 mg of ferrous sulfate 3x a day. But... I have only been taking 2 of the pills, as I deal with constipation as it is. I did call my doctor and he said that is how much he wants me to take so...
I will try to take 3 pills spread out today, it's hard to remember sometimes as you have to take it an hour before a meal or 2 hours after a meal. Plus I take wellbutrin 2x a day as well. And other supplements in the morning. And a high potency magnesium at night, that has helped with leg cramps as well as Xanax and hylands leg cramps. I'm afraid to NOT take them now... but I'm sure when my iron levels get up I can start subtracting some of those. I also drink tonic water mixed with OJ every evening... that is how afraid I am of leg/shin cramps!! They are painful because the nerves are involved, especially in my ankles. And I have low back problems as it is so ... I'm just a mess. Lol.

Snowbell-- are you taking prilosec or anything for the reflux?
marcia, i took 325 mg of ferrous sulfate 3x a day for a month and i am out now. if i took it with food it didn't upset my stomach. i am not sure if my body absorbed it though as it said on the bottle to take on empty stomach. but i just couldn't.
i take a calcium twice a day too- with vitamin D in it. and magnesium twice a day. i now just take 45 mg of iron (over the counter) in the morning. i see my doc at the end of this month and i know he will want to run a blood test to see if my levels have gone up as my ferritin was 9 in the beginning and RBC/hemoglobin was low as well. I still have RLS in the evenings though. I take Xanax and this stuff called hylands leg cramps before bed. They hylands is all natural but expensive!!

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