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Low ferritin takes a very long time to bounce back from. Months...years. Depends on how well your body is absorbing and if the cause has been found. Usually iron deficiencies are just a symptom of a larger problem. Heavy bleeding, celiac's disease, b12 deficiencies, ulcers, etc. Most people don't report feeling better till their ferritin levels reach 50-70's. Taking iron will make a difference but it's not like taking a round of antibiotics, it takes a while, longer then any of us wish :(.

If you are having issues with your stomach it is ok to take it with food. Drink OJ with it as it helps the absorption. Try a slow release kind of iron. I am taking Hema-plex sustained release right now it's packed with other vitamins as well and I love it. Some of the side effects do suck and sometimes you have to switch around to find one that is easier for your system. This is where having a Dr. comes in handy because he can give you some ideas. Also you are going to want to be getting your labs checked every now and again. It's not recommended to take iron w/o Dr's care.

Best wishes!
Additionally I will need to maintain my levels by supplementing pretty much all the time. Docs won't test for b12 or anything else they just say I don't store iron well. I used to do a lot of long distance running but have cut down and do more weights circuits now. I eat a lot if red meat and greens but it doesn't matter my ferritin will not stick. My hb can run normal low. My mum also has issues storing iron so it's maybe just one of those things. I do have slight hypothyroidism and treating that has helped a great deal but I think once I get ferritin up again to match good thyroid levels ill be fine.

Do not accept anyone telling you a low ferritin is ok. It's not. End of. A woman's hcg can be from 12 - 15 also. When you supplement your hgb will go up first then start building up ferritin levels.

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