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[QUOTE=Swoozle;5152637]Hi. I went to my docs in November due to losing hair, feeling run down, daily palpitations etc. All of my bloods have come back normal except low ferritin of 7. After a few month of iron pills it has gone up to 11. The iron is killing my stomach and my doc suggested that getting the levels back to normal may not make any difference to my symptoms!. I was hoping to get them up to at least eliminate this as the cause of my feeling ill and tired all the time. Does anyone have similar issues or have any ideas or suggestions?[/QUOTE]

swoozle, my ferritin was 9
i was prescribed iron, 325 mg 3x a day. i thought "WHAT? 3 times a day!!?"
first off... if i need it 3 times a day then of course i will take it-- but the rules with taking medications is what frustrates me. i have to take it before meals but then i am also on wellbutrin 2 times a day and taking magnesium and b-complex and not sure how to take all of these. and i take xanax at night. GEE WHIZ. i think i digest more pills than i do food.

i'm sorry the iron is killing your stomach.. what do you mean? cramping? i know it causes constipation and that is one thing i am NOT looking forward to. I already try to eat extra fiber because i get constipated easily.
but what is the brand of iron you are taking... is it prescription?
mine is just ferrous sulfate.
i'm sure it's going to jack me up.

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