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[QUOTE=Heatherx5;5153558]You know snow having low ferritin can cause the same side effects? I feel and felt the same way, I just sucked it up and took the iron because honestly feeling the way I feel without it was so much worse.

Symptoms of low ferritin:

Minor aches
Heart palpitations
Increased pulse
Loss of energy
Loss of libido
Loss of energy levels in the body
Pale skin and eyes
Brittle nails
Cognitive problems
Excessive bruising
Pain in abdomen
Tingling and numbness of the fingers and toes.

The list goes on and on. Take a slower release might be easier but the lower your dose the less iron your getting, the longer this is going to take. Also you might want to give yourself/body a while to adjust to the iron sometimes a lot of the side effects from the iron go away as your body adjust. How long did you take that dose of iron?[/QUOTE]

I did feel worst before starting the Iron. I felt like I was sleeping my life away. The slower release Iron tablets that I have seen have more daily allowance than the one I am taking. I am taking 18mg, which is just 100% daily coverage. My doctor wanted me to take just that much or just Women's one a day with Iron. I have been taking it for a little more than a month now. My physical fatigue is slightly better but I still feel pretty lightheaded some days.
My Red blood cell count is 3.61
My hemoglobin is 11.1
My Hematocrit is 33.3

And my ferritin is 9

So.. I don't know if that qualifies for 325 mg of ferrous sulfate 3x a day. But... I have only been taking 2 of the pills, as I deal with constipation as it is. I did call my doctor and he said that is how much he wants me to take so...
I will try to take 3 pills spread out today, it's hard to remember sometimes as you have to take it an hour before a meal or 2 hours after a meal. Plus I take wellbutrin 2x a day as well. And other supplements in the morning. And a high potency magnesium at night, that has helped with leg cramps as well as Xanax and hylands leg cramps. I'm afraid to NOT take them now... but I'm sure when my iron levels get up I can start subtracting some of those. I also drink tonic water mixed with OJ every evening... that is how afraid I am of leg/shin cramps!! They are painful because the nerves are involved, especially in my ankles. And I have low back problems as it is so ... I'm just a mess. Lol.

Snowbell-- are you taking prilosec or anything for the reflux?
Yes Heather- how did your labs go?

Swoozle.. did your doc prescribe you any Xanax or anything to help you relax at night and sleep? I have the same problems. And Xanax is really helping for night. I wouldn't take it during the day though as it tends to make you drowsy and very relaxed. I also was given Valium from my dentist as I am having some major TMJ pain, but it's pretty much like Xanax. Some prefer it over Xanax-- after taking the valium last night I would say Xanax is better, keeps me asleep. Anyways, not sure if you can get that from your doc but it's worth asking about! Or maybe you said you did get a prescription in one of your other posts... I can't remember.

I've been doing ok on 325 mg of Ferrous Sulfate 3x a day, so far. I try to eat some high fiber during the day and I take a high potency magnesium in the evening which helps with constipation along with muscle and nerves. Three things that are definitely an issue with me. But I haven't been taking it on a complete empty stomach as it upsets my stomach when I do. So I take it right before I eat.

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