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Swoozle, my Dr. won't touch my anxiety or depression till we treat the anemia because the 2 can be directly related to each other. I get stuff to manage and quite honestly since taking iron and fighting this back, I haven't had many anxiety attacks. I wonder if maybe you can think how long this has been going on and maybe can tie the 2 together somehow and see how your doing when taking iron and getting your numbers better? Is your depression getting better and how about your anxiety? Basically with anemia, in short, your body is starving for oxygen. The iron gives the blood cells, organs, tissues etc.

This is why I tell everyone to be proactive for themselves, because some Dr's just brush this off. Well easy to do when they don't feel the way that we do everyday. Living is a constant struggle. The thing that got me the most was the ferritin. I joined so many boards, talked to so many Dr's, people that suffered low ferritin etc. How fast it can deplete and how long it takes to raise, especially the oral route and the side effects!

Is there anyways you can get a 2nd opinion? Call around and ask before you make your appointment that you are seeking a Dr. that has knowledge as far as anemia goes and will treat it? I don't give my Dr. a chance to tell me, I tell him, as long as I have low ferritin I will continue taking iron and he agrees.

I am waiting for my labs today, hate waiting. :)

I too had heavy periods. I couldn't leave my house. By day 3 & 4 I was (to much info I know) clotting so big that it would fill a pad. I had enough and went to the OB and got an ablation. So far it's been amazing I haven't had a cycle since December. 4 months w/o one should definitely being doing some good for my body and at least giving it all time to catch up!

Hurry up labs!!
Are you saying you don't think a ferritin of 9 is low? I'm not going to try and convince you if it's low or not, I can just give you my own opinion. It's low. Ferritin is your iron stores, it's a number that can go all the way up to 200 it's also the hardest number to raise. It takes months and sometimes even years of taking iron to get that number to move. I started with a ferritin of a 2 and have been taking iron for a year now and it's barely in the 60's. My OB tells me I can plan on taking iron for another year to get my stores back up. Once ferritin starts depleting it's really hard to get back up. Some people feel the effects some don't. A period of any kind while anemic is not good, your bleeding and your losing iron and if your not taking iron to get it back your just going to fall more.

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