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How are all of you ladies doing with your iron stores? My Ferritin was 19 about two months ago and I was experiencing fatique, leg pains, hair loss etc. When I would get up in the morning or middle of the night and walk, my feet felt so heavy and sore. Also noticed that the first day of my period I would get a headache. When I found out I had Ferritin of 19, I started taking Solgar Gentle Iron once a day but after doing alot of research, realized that this was not going to replenish my stores, just maintain what I had, I went to 100mg of Gentle Iron (4 pills a day). I was experiencing slight constipation but no stomach pain or bloating etc. I read about Proferrin, which a heme iron supplement, so I bought that and have been taking two of those a day for the past week or so, these seem to be better on my stomach than the 4 Gentle Iron were. My fatique has improved but first day of my period got a headache and some fatique, granted it's only been about a month since I have been taking all of the extra iron to replenish my stores. I am praying that I can get these levels up sooner than a whole year because I am still losing hair and I don't have much hair and I have read that the Proferrin can get it up there quite fast. I am also going in for a Colonoscopy because I have very slight occasional blood in the stool and doctor wants to rule out any bleeding there that could be causing malabsorption and leading to the low ferritin. Please let me know what your experiences are, I am planning to go back to the doctor in the next few weeks to get my levels checked again and I am hoping that they are up. I like Heather's recommendation on the slow release Hemoplex and will likely try those once my proferrin runs out.

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