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feel all of anemia symptoms does not mean that there must be a problem with our erythrocytes. It could be hypothyroidism, diabetes, or other diseases. Seeing the results of your blood test, does a low RBC HGB HCT. But MCV MCH MCHC normal. And usually the anemia that occurs in this condition are anemia normocytic normochrom. And the cause is only one, namely bleeding. Are you bleeding before? Hope this answer helps.
Thanks again for your quick replies. Still waiting for the iron test. I've had two CBCs in a week and both had the same result as far as pattern, but the RBC HGB all HCT went a little lower (the second set of results is the one I originally posted about), and the platelets higher (but not out of control).

These are what the first results showed:

WBC: 4.9 (3.8-10.8)
RBC: 3.92 (3.8-5.1)
HBG: 10.8 (11.7-15.5) (L)
HCT: 33 (35-45) (L)
MCV: 84.4 (80-100)
MCH: 27.6 (27-33)
MCHC: 32.7 (32-36)
RDW: 14.5 (11-15)
Platelets: 416 (140-400) (H)

Second CBC: (As of right now, I only have the RBC, HBG, HCT, and Platelet counts and was told everything else was still within normal limits):

RBC: 3.7 (L)
HBG: 10.2 (L)
HCT: 31 (L)
Platelets: 447 (H)

I'm not too concerned about the lower values within a week because I know they can fluctuate, and they didn't change THAT much I don't think. But why would these same values change and not the MCV, MCHC and RDW? The original values were so borderline on the first CBC that I am surprised they stayed within normal limits while the others were shifting.

I should also add that my kidney and liver functions were within normal limits, so renal and liver diseases can be ruled out. And my WBC were within normal limits. I would think if anything serious was going on things would appear much worse. So what else could it be? All I know is that I hope the iron test shows a low ferritin and not an elevated value. I just don't want to have to get a bone marrow test. I heard those things HURT!

Still waiting for the iron test. Ugh!
Update on iron test and summary of CBC results:

All else being normal, my CBC and iron tests show:

WBC: 5 (3.8-10.8) (Normal)
RBC: 3.7 (L)
HBG: 10.2 (L)
HCT: 31 (L)
MCV: 83.7 (Normal)
MCH: 27.5 (Normal)
MCHC: 32.8 (Normal)
RDW: 15.1 (H)
Platelets: 447 (H)
Ferritin: 32 (Normal)
Total Iron: 24 (L)
Binding Capacity: 392 (Normal)
TIBC Saturation: 6% (L)

What does this even mean??? I'm so confused. Could it still be iron deficiency?

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