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Hi! I do take a b-complex and a b-12. not sure if he checked my b-12 but he did check my vitamin D, i can't remember if he said it was low. all i know is the first visit he told me to take an extra iron a day so i did, 45 mg of the OTC slow fe. then he had blood tests on my iron levels and now has prescribed me 325 mg 3x a day! i am s nervous about constipation. i take a high potency magnesium in the evening and i also take these hylands leg cramps before bed that does have some type of magnesium in them. i also bought magnesium citrate to drink if i need it. i was a bit constipated yesterday and i had only taken ONE of the 325 mg. today i have taken 2 so far. i just don't know... the weird thing is i was never that tired. i mean... i workout when i can and i drink caffeine, maybe that is why. if i went a day without caffeine i may end up sleeping. LOL.
but i do remember for many years when i get up from laying down too fast i get dizzy but i thought that was normal. my periods aren't heavy. the first two days are semi heavy but normal... and then i mainly spot the rest of the time. so i am confused as to why my iron is low. i attribute it to not eating enough of it i guess. my diet goes up and down -- some days i eat more and some days i eat less. i am on wellbutrin too so my appetite has decreased some. but i just started the wellbutrin a week ago.
the only think i am feeling is back pain. LOL. but my back is messed up. i have mild scoliosis and a tilted pelvis so exercising has been cut back a lot- i mainly walk when i can. but i am still having aches and pains in my low back. i see a chiropractor and it did help in the beginning but now it seems like if i clean the house i am DONE for the day. just from back pain. but i wake up fine in the morning. i get 7-9 hours of sleep every night. i do take xanax at night though...'s hard for me to sleep without taking melatonin or something. but the xanax is for my teeth clenching, i have TMJ issues too. SO I AM ALL MESSED UP! :)

but the tiredness and fatigue is very mild- i go to work fine and stay up late at night....over the past months so... i dunno!

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