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Re: Anemia and pain
Mar 27, 2013
[QUOTE=hhill;5153552]Hi everyone, I'm a 22 yo female who has been feeling lousy since about Dec. 2012 with fatigue, low grade fevers and what feels like growing pains. Went to the doc ifJan 2013 and was diagnosed with a low grade depression (recently lost several family members ) and after a blood test was told I wasn't anemic. In Feb I still felt awful all the time so I went to my father's doctor who ran blood tests and that doctor diagnosed me with iron deficient and pernicious anemia, which would explain my fatigue. I've been on b12 and ferrous sulfate for a month and my energy has gotten a smidge better, however physically I'm feeling worse. Sore throats for two weeks at a time, low grade fevers, dizziness and lightheadedness, flu like aches and pains in my joints and what feels like my bones, what felt like growing pains earlier in the year. I've also been having night sweats once or twice a week, if that's helpful. I have a few more weeks if ferrous sulfate, as I said been on it for a little over a month. My question is this: do these symptoms align with how I should be feeling a month into the iron and b12? Should I go back to my doctor?
Any comments are appreciated, thank you in advance :)[/QUOTE]

I have a ferritin of 8 and have been taking iron pill for a month. I feel slightly better but not a whole lot. I have a lot of symptoms that you do like dizziness, lightheadedness, aches and pain :( My doctor wants to check in another two weeks if the levels have gone up at all.

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