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Re: Anemia and pain
Mar 28, 2013
I take both iron and B-12 shots for my anemia, with which I was diagnosed in September/October. Sometimes I get aches like you describe -- not so much in my joints, but it feels like a true bone-tired feeling. I feel the aches especially in my forearms, but also in my legs and sometimes my feet and fingers. My skin sometimes feels like it's radiating heat, but it is normal to the touch. My skin can also feel very sensitive, almost like sunburn-sensitive, but it looks normal. I usually get these sensations and aches when I am very tired, like if I've had a really stressful day. In fact, before I was diagnosed with anemia, I thought the aches, heat sensation and skin sensitivity were just my body's responses to stress, like getting a stress headache at or near the end of the day when one's body starts to decompress after leaving work. Some days I would (and still do, to a lesser degree) come home and go directly to bed after a hot bath, which helped somewhat with the aches, as did taking ibuprofen for the pain.

I think I realized that something was VERY wrong the first day of school (I teach Pre-K). The night before, we had had Open House, and I had come home that night very tired and achy. I went to bed, slept well, but still woke up achy and with a headache. I struggled through the morning, trying my best to stay alert for my new Pre-K'ers, many of whom had never before been in an organized educational setting. Between dealing with the students and trying to get them to all the right destinations on the first day (teaching them how to walk in line down the hall, teaching them how to go through the lunch line, making absolutely certain of their busing situations for that afternoon, etc.), I did not get to eat lunch. By rest time, I was achy, headachy, and weak. I had to lie down before I collapsed. I honestly thought it was possible that something serious might happen to me. However, being the "carry on" person that I am, I was able to rest a bit during Rest Time and I was able to rally somewhat for bus duty after school. I didn't want to disrupt the first day by being the ONE person to go home sick on the first day, plus I wanted to make certain my little charges made it home safely. Looking back on it, I see that I might have truly been in a dangerous health situation and if I had known that it might be serious anemia instead of just the stress and fatigue of starting back to school, I might have alerted my principal or assistant principal to my situation. However, I am typically not one to "complain" or make much to co-workers of my health situations. As I said, I'm usually very much a "carry on" type of person. Even so, after school that day, I came home, went directly to bed, slept all night (thank goodness the next day was Saturday) and woke up STILL significantly tired and achy. The next time I went to the doctor, he ordered blood work, and he asked if there was anything in particular I wanted to test for. Without really thinking, I said, "Well, I've always wondered if my iron was a little low." And so began my experience with anemia. A month or so after the anemia diagnosis, I was also diagnosed with Hashimoto's, which is autoimmune hypothyroid. Seems the two tend to go hand-in-hand, and many of the symptoms for the two are similar.

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