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I am in the same boat as you. It seems like ALL of this happened at once... after having ear pain, seeing my doc and explaining other symptoms like leg cramps and RLS and jaw pain he said it could be TMD related-- had blood work done and I am anemic. I'm still dealing with this jaw stuff- today it's not as bad, but it's usually worse in the evening. I have a custom guard being made right now to wear at night.
Honestly I don't know if these are related! My periods aren't heavy so I don't know why my iron is low. Maybe I just don't eat enough iron. But it is odd that they both happened at the same time. I'm also eating malt o meal and oatmeal, cottage cheese-- stuff like that. I had pizza today for the first time in a month and cut it up and chewed slowly and did ok.

My ear was never infected- It still bothers me off and on and feels infected now and again but every doc I have seen about it says it looks fine. So I know it has to do with my jaw alignment and my bite is off.

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