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I wondered if people who are b12 deficient might be able to give me some insight and peace of mind that im not going crazy!

Ive been really unwell the last few months, tired to my bones, achey burning muscles and a complete lack of energy. I was really fit and healthy and loved to go to the gym and run but I havent been able to do this for 3 months. The worst symptoms are my numb and tingly hands. If I put my hand in the air for a few seconds I cant feel them. My heels burn constantly too, I thought it was achilles tendonitis but now my toes hurt too. Im also getting dizzy spells and ringing in my ears when I have them. I can only describe the constant muscle twitches I get as feeling like im going to have a grand mal seizure.

At first I didnt link these together but I now feel so bad im sure they must be. My doctor did some blood tests as he thought I was anemic but they all came back as within normal range. The only borderline result I got was for B12, It was at 180. He told me to take a supplement and sent me away.

Is 180 low and does anyone else experience my symptoms with a b12 level like this? I have literally not been able to get off the sofa today and its not like me at all!! Can you be deficient without anemia?

Please help! Thanks, Ella

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