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You can definitely be B12 deficient without it causing anemia (yet). 180 is definitely low and could be responsible for many of your symptoms. Some people do not absorb B12 well, so the sublingual tablets that dissolve and absorb under your tongue are the best to try. It will likely take a few weeks to get your levels up and you should see some gradual improvement in symptoms, if they are related to the B12 deficiency. I would also follow-up with your Dr. to make sure that it is coming up in 1-2 months, in case you need B12 injections instead of tablets.

I'm new to this board! For almost half my life I've been on and off iron tablets. I'm so good at spotting when it drops that my docs just do the bloods when I ask and hand out the tablets. This time my B12 came back low too. I'm not sure if it has ever been tested before though! My iron wasn't crazy low like it has been, it was 12 but my B12 was 157. My docs have given me iron and B12 tablets this time round and have done other bloods for celiac and crohn's disease. All normal! They have just they have no reason for it being low and my iron dropping so often! I'm off back on the 24th to see my own doctor who is very good so hopefully ill get some answers! The 'fill in' in doc I went to see so I could view my results didn't seem to think that 157 was that low as the lowest 'normal' range was 180+. However, I've been on tablets for almost 3 weeks now and still feel shocking! My biggest problem is feeling very breathless and tired! Then at a certain time of day (2pm onwards) I get so cold I can't function. I end up curled up in bed or into a blanket which then makes me fall asleep!

I feel like I need some injections of B12 to boost me up as I hate feeling this tired especially when I have 2 kids (6 & 4)!

The tablet B12 I'm taking are 100mcg cyanocobalamin once a day!

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