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Had my appt today. My ferritin dropped to a 3. My hgb went from 13.4 to 11.2. Previously it was always around 14-15. My iron is 32.
This all after tripling my iron intake.
But thankfully my hematologist has now ordered IV iron infusions! I start next week Friday. So we are both in the same boat!
After my first infusion, I slept about 20 out of 24 hours the next day. So be prepared that you might need to sleep a lot.

My second infusion was a no go. When the doctor got news of my brown urine and kidney pain, he didn't want to take any chances. He ordered some tests instead. They all came back in the normal range, though. So, I pick back up with the infusions next Friday.
That means another Friday off from work! Ugh!
thank you for taking the time to post your side effects from your daily IV treatments. I begin my 8 straight weekday appts this coming Monday. I had no idea that I may not be carrying on as usual. I told my boss that I'd be at work following the infusions. I may want to re-think that plan. Just in case, I better plan now for someone else to run the kids to their appts.
I'm praying for the best, but I like to be prepared so that I know what might be ahead of me.

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