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This happened to me as well. Any form of bleeding while you are anemic is not good. Your body is trying to play catch up with these iron supps and then you have a period and you lose what you are gaining. As long as you are still having flows (as light as they may be) you are going to keep struggling till your numbers get up there. A period is going to "do you in" a bit. It's normal to have good days and then go right back to feeling crummy.

Anemia is just a symptom. Why do you have it? Periods? Celiac's Disease? Low B12? Ulcers? The cause needs to be found and treated. Any amount of bleeding over a long period of time is enough to cause anemia. It could also be diet, etc. You need to figure out why you have it, treat it, and continue with your iron therapy until it resolves.

Most people don't even report feeling well till ferritin reaches the levels of 50-70. Most people, everyone is different when it comes to anemia.

I believe panic, anxiety, depression etc can be directly linked to anemia. Our bodies are starving for oxygen they need to function. When that isn't happening it sends us into panic mode, emotionally and physically.

My iron levels were very extreme and drastic when my period was in play. I had an ablation in December and since haven't had one and my iron levels are finally picking up. I experience and still do even without monthly cycles. Your body is struggling and trying to bounce back and put the iron where it needs to be, whether it's ferritin or iron serum.
Heather thank u so much for your reply!! It is so nice to know im not alone in this battle... I also feel that these episodes just may have something to do with my period and after reading your post, its starting to make sense... When I was on my birth control pills continuosly I seemed to be doing quite well, but decided to give the back to back thing up as I was experiencing very light breakthrough bleeding all the time. And your right I do have great days when I'm feeling quite energetic and have no "episodes" at all, just wish they were more often lately! Not sure what's causing the anemia?? I became a vegetarian in 2009, but have since started eating chicken and fish and occasionally beef again to help with the iron levels.. My b12 was AOK on my last blood test but I do take them a couple of times a week just to keep those levels up and consistent.. My mother is also anemic and has been for many years but she's not near as off the charts as I was.... So tell me, what is your situation like now? Are u still struggling with anemia? And do you still have symptoms occasionally? Also do you take an iron supplement and if you don't mind me asking what kind? I sometimes question what my naturopath has me on and if its even working or if there is a better one out there to speed things up... I hope I'm not asking too many questions!! LOL! I have no one, friends or family who have had this experience so I turned to this message board to hopefully get some support and answers/opnions..... Again thanks so much for your reply Heather!

hi Heather!!

I hear ya on the doctor and the anxiety issues! I asked my doctor if she would test my iron levels as per all the symptoms i was experiencing, and she told me "you don't LOOK like someone with an iron problem" I don't LOOK like i have an iron issue???? how exactly does one look with an iron issue??? anyways after the blood tests came back, my iron was so low and my thyroid was too high and cholesterol was high....when i called for results I was told to take a multivitamin with iron in it and that was the end of that... she didn't want to see me on any of the other issues that were flagged!!! can u believe this! and i also got the "i can give you something for your anxiety because she basically thinks this is all in my head!! OMG you have been thru the ringer as well with this it sounds like!! We have a lot in common, i am also b12 and vit D deficient... I'm thinking you were a little worse than me however, i never blacked out although a few times came very close....i always had air hunger really bad when i was at my lowest which caused me to hyperventilate all the time, which then i almost passed out a few times!! ITS HORRIBLE!!! I have also ended up in emerg 2x for heart palpitations a a year and a half ago, and they did all the heart tests and came back and said everything was normal and did i have anxiety issues!~!!! GRRRRRRRRR!!! No one was listening to me and NO ONE ever tested my iron!! EVER!! or thyroid for that matter! I was also diagnosed with adult onset asthma at 31 (im 41 now) and im pretty sure i don't have that either as all my pulmonary function tests all came back normal, but i was short of breath so what do they do, they put me on advair for 10 years and no further testing!! when my iron level gets up there guess what? all my breathing returns to normal!!!!! you would think an respiratory physician would think to test people for these kinds of things ,seeing as if you don't have enough oxygen in your blood, you become short of breath!! SHEESH!! im thinking i should have become a doctor after all this!! LOL

so im interested in this Hema-plex and black strap molasses!!!!!! So i am going to go searching for it!! i can find the blackstrap molasses no problem, the other one may be more difficult..... does the molasses taste good?? or is it tough to get down??

Im glad things are coming together for you Heather! thats great news!! I know how awful this is to have and how it really screws up your normal life functioning!! I am hoping the "spell"s come few and far between for both of us.. I just may have to go back to taking my birth control back to back to avoid full blown periods but i need to ask the doctor for a stronger kind as i had so much breakthrough bleeding all the time!! it was very very light but almost everyday so that puts a damper on EVERYTHING!! LOL

Thanks for the welcome to the anemia club!! its nice to talk to someone in the same boat!!! by the way, where are u from?

P.s. I also get these "observing from outside my body" as well!!! its annoying!! LOL

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