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Hi there!! I am new to the message board so I'm hoping to find someone in the same boat as I am!! I was diagnosed with anemia in 2012, my ferritin level was 10 on my blood work (and my doctor thought this was normal !! that's a whole other discussion!!) Went to a naturopath and she couldn't believe I was functioning at this level. Also my thyroid levels were high, so with the help of natural supplements we were able to bring my Thyroid levels to normal and my ferritin only to 41 as of January this year.. Now here lies the problem! Suddenly within the last month and a half or so, my symptoms are coming back..... tremors, dizziness, air hunger (a lot!!) and vision issues, low energy and fatigue which then cause MAJOR ANXIETY!! ... the only thing that I have changed is I was taking my Birth control pills back to back to avoid my period and I have stopped that and now I'm wondering if that's causing me to relapse... here goes TMI (sorry any male readers!)but I just finished my cycle on Sunday and I had a "spell" (dont know what else to call them) on Saturday and again today, another one....has anyone else experienced this?? my periods are not abnormally heavy, but usually last 5 days...... is it normal for iron levels to fluctuate so drastically or maybe it has been decreasing over the last few months and now I am just seeing the symptoms reappearing? any input would be greatly appreciated!!! Im so tired of feeling like crap and am trying to be my own doctor a little bit!!
You are welcome Carol!

Last year around this time I got so sick and was having major anxiety and panic, this was out of the blue. To make a long story short Mother's Day I was blacking out. Went to the Dr. and he basically send me home with anti-depressants, did my labs. The next day he called me and said quit taking them come get iron you are anemic. He stopped treating the anxiety and depression and gave me iron. I was taking Integra 325 mgs x2 a day. I did this for about 3-4 months. My ferritin start was a 2 Iron Serum I believe an 18. Was taking and eating massive amounts of iron. Suffering anxiety, panic, heart palps, cold, loss of appetite followed by extreme hunger, vomitty, cold, hot the list goes on and on and then some, I really thought I was dying. Finally after taking iron for a few months I go in and get my labs done, my Ferritin was up to a 33 Iron was in the 100's. Yay. I was obsessed with getting labs done so I go home (keep in mind I have been having periods every month still). Take my iron for another month have my regular flow go back get labs done, guess what. Ferritin is back down to a 19, iron in 50's. So yes I can relate. I also have a Vitamin D. deficiency and low on B12.

I am super bummed, so like you I throw out the iron and find my own stuff. I went straight to the health food store and talked to one of the workers there who just happened to be filled with knowledge. He pointed me in the direction of Hemaplex and unsulphured backstrap molasses. The hema-plex is just 85 mgs of iron but it's filled with a lot of other wonderful vitamins that help it absorb as well as b's etc. Eat a tablespoon or 2 of molasses everyday. (Still having periods). By December I went in and got a uterine ablation which basically has stopped my periods. I haven't had one since December. Keep taking the hema-plex and eating the molasses. Go in last month for my labs, guess what? My ferritin is 66 and my iron is way up in the hundreds.

I do believe everything is balancing out for me. When you were taking your birth control did it stop your periods? If so that would and could explain a lot. If your not having a period your not losing the blood therefore your not losing the iron. It allows your body some time to store and catch up which is much needed.

The Hemaplex is a slow release tablet you only take one a day. It's a very big hard pill that hurts like heck to swallow but in my humble opinion it's the best thing out there, it's also affordable. I pay 15 for a months supply. It's the best iron I have found. I went from taking 325 mgs x2 a day with no results to an 85mg once a day pill that releases over time. Here is the thing with the other pills your body gets slammed with all this iron at once it takes only a little bit of it and gets rid of the rest. With the slow release it's easier on your stomach and it's coming out a little at a time therefore I believe your body is getting more use of it instead of all at once, does that make sense?

I still get symptoms, I just have learned to deal with them and take it by day whether it be dizzy, anxiety, or panic. I really do believe anemia unleashes the gates of hell on a person. It's the worst thing I have ever experienced in my life.

Just on a side note my Dr. says I can still plan on taking iron for another year as he and I would both like my ferritin to be as close to 200 as possible and my ferritin is at a 66 now. This is not a fast thing, it's an overtime thing. Support is the #1 thing that is going to get you through this, I am glad you found the boards! Welcome to the yucky anemia club, I am always here :).

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