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Oh, actually the result I posted were from Nov 2011.
When I was looking to collect my other lab results, such as head MRI, I also found a more current (October 2012) blood test result. Below are the numbers:

Hemoglobin : 15.2____________13 - 18.0
Erythrocyte: 5.21 ____________4.5 - 5.9
Hematocrit: 45 %____________40 - 52 %
MCV : 86.8____________80.0 - 97.0
MCH : 29.2____________27.0 - 31.0
MCHC : 33.6____________32 - 35
MPV : 9.1 ____________7.4 - 10.4

Prothrombine time: 11.2_______10.4 - 14.0

Now, according to this result, is it still possible that my symptoms are caused by anemia?
Is it possible that low iron may exist here, and also causing my symptomps ? As I have had these symptoms for about 6 years.

I also had a test for thyroid (April 2013):

TSH : 3.2 __range: 0.35 - 4.94
FT4: 1.49 __range: 0.71 - 1.85
FT3: 3.06 __range: 1.8 - 4.6

Is there some problem from the thyroid ?

As I met a hematologist last week (which told me to bring those MRI results, and to get another blood test which include iron & others but I haven't taken yet due to the high cost), she suspects that there's some problem with my Heart, she said she heard a 'click' when she listened to it. Could all these be related with a heart problem ?

BTW, What I feel worse over the years are the fatigue, and the pain overall.

Thank you so much for reading and responding to my problems. :)

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